toy story

toy story

Last week we showed you some very different pictures, (twilight zone, 5/07) without telling you anything about them. The technique is called tilt-shift, and here is the explanation by Kos, the photographer of those, and this shot:

“Tilt-Shift lenses are used for controlling perspective and focus mostly in architectural photography and I wanted to experiment with Tilt-Shift effects on a collection of 50 of my yachting pictures as it’s not been done before. The result is a miniature world of yachting that is truly surreal.

It’s quite a complicated process but basically I blur parts of the photo to simulate the shallow Depth of Field that you normally see in close-up photography of models and, visually, this makes the real life scene seem appear much smaller than it actually is.”

Click here to see 50 pictures in the collection: