‘frisco rules?


‘frisco rules?

It should come as no real surprise to those who keep a close watch on AC developments that an LVT could soon be hosted in San Francisco. On the heels of the America’s Cup announcements last week, the GGYC confirmed today that they are, with the St. Francis YC, hoping to host a Louis Vuitton Trophy WSTA event in late September / October 2011.

San Francisco won’t actually be experimenting with any of the proposed America’s Cup locations, but instead will use the city docks behind the mile long breakwater where the two clubs stand.  This all assumes that the planning group can come up with the sponsorship – reportedly to the tune of $5 Million – to be able to host it.   

The folks at the St. Francis YC don’t seem to mind giving Larry the look-off all those years ago and are quite happy to have one foot in the AC goings-on.  They’ve shown their good will by co-hosting several recent events with their neighbor down the road.

The three week LVT/WSTA event has the potential to bring in hundreds of thousands of people to the city and even more virtually.  According to Marcus Young, his “goal is to have cameras on all the boats.”  He said he doesn’t know yet if they will also be able to have audio.  They are keen to have this event be the media explosion that the AC hopes to be – fully wired, to the extent that you feel like you’re on the boat.  We like that. 

There are other cities bidding for this, but “to not do it in San Francisco would be a huge missed opportunity,” says Commodore Marcus Young.  And not that San Diego hasn’t been great to the team and the club, but “we’re the right choice for the event. “

A quick gander through the board confirms the two clubs and the City are working hand in hand in hand: Cmdre Marcus Young (GGYC), Cmdre David Sneary (St. FYC), Melinda Erkelens (BOR), Chris Perkins (BOR and St FYC), Ray Thomas (GGYC), Peter Stoneberg (St FYC), Pat Nolan (St FYC), John Craig (St. FYC), David Santori (GGYC), Mayor Gavin Newsom, Mark Buell & Phil Ginsburg (parks and recreation), Monique Meyer (port of SF), and Martha Cohen who heads up economic development for the Mayors office.

Make no mistake about the presence of Mayor Newsom and the other commissioners on the board…they’re there to show the city’s commitment to their long term interests of bringing the 2+ billion dollar windfall called the America’s Cup to San Francisco. See this letter from Newsom. The officials must be salivating.  Hungry or not, the City of San Francisco is not the easiest place to get things done.  As last week’s announcement in Rome confirms, the deadlines are looming.  Perhaps the promise of the LVT and the hope of the AC will get the various coalitions in SF moving in the right direction.