velocity hat trick

velocity hat trick

Our good friends at Velocity Sailing continue to be a major reason the Tybee 500 is still a viable race, their shore management taking care of logistics for almost half the fleet at this week’s 2010 beach cat enduro.  Velocity-prepped teams were the first three in, with rock star Dutch boys Mischa Heemskerk and Eduard Zanen on Bugaboo first to the beach in Hollywood after a long leg.  Lots of the boys made it in after dark – a tough way to start a long and painful week.  Check the Tybee team page to see who’s competing this week, and keep an eye on the official blog for lots of info during the race days.  You can also watch the beach starts – one of the coolest sights in sailing – live on Anarchist MaughanNacra20’s live streaming channel every morning, and then track the boats here.. Here’s a report from TVS media chick Kate.  

The lights are starting to fade, blinky has been erected on the beach, and there are still sailors on the water. So far, 3 TVS boats have made it to the finish. Mischa and Eduard of Bugaboo, one of our outsourced boats, pulled in first around 6:05pm. Both were a little sore and still jetlagged after arriving in the States on Friday. Trey and Bailey were about 10 minutes behind them, followed by JC and Dalton of Team AHPC, another one of our outsourced boats. Seacats Orange, a slew of Royal boats, and Seacats Adrenaline were on the beach when I headed upstairs a little while ago. I did hear Chuck’s clown horn go off a little bit ago, signaling another boat ashore.

Kirk’s mom and dad are with us this year, and they are anxiously awaiting the finish of Kirk and Sam’s first leg of a Tybee 500! Cristina (Alan’s fiance) flew in from St. Thomas today, so she is also anticipating he and Brett pulling in sometime soon. Thanks to The Buzz 104.3 St Thomas for their sponsorship!

There has been some talk today about the Spots [trackers -ed]…. they haven’t been completely reliable, for tracking purposes for those of us on land. It looks like Larry and Brian’s stopped working about 8 hours ago, and the others have been slow to update as well. And, to quell any rumors, JC did NOT throw his spot off the boat because it was extra weight… it was still attached when he landed  

Tad just came up and told me that Seacats White as well as Sam and Kirk made it ashore just a few minutes ago. Brett and Alan should be here in about an hour. Looks like Don and Ryan are somewhere near Key Biscayne. They have not called to let us know of any problems…

Mischa and Eduard have had their treatments for the night, some sore muscles…Trey has the next scheduled appointment this evening. Hopefully they will all get a good night’s sleep tonight and tank up on the water!