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Fugawi X-Traverse provides instant online access to worldwide charts for use with a variety of navigation software such as iNavX™ for iPad or iPhone™, MacENC™ for MAC OS X or Fugawi Marine ENC™ for PC.
The X-Traverse chart collection includes Navionics® Gold marine charts, Navionics HotMaps® Premium U.S. fishing lakes, official Hydrographic Service Digital Charts (CHS) of Canada, NV.Digital Caribbean and Europe charts, and more.

Users who subscribe to Fugawi X-Traverse web-based chart data service can download new maps and replace older charts directly in their software quickly and simply. Guaranteeing the most-up-to-date cartography that each chart manufacturer provides, Fugawi X-Traverse eliminates excessive time spent sourcing, downloading, and unzipping or manually importing chart updates.

 X-Traverse gives sailors the freedom to safely and securely download the most up-to-date charts of their choice, for the navigation software of their choice. Now sailors can be confident that their charts can be instantly updated for use with compatible X-Traverse applications.

Continuously adding new maps to its extensive collection, X-Traverse also provides waypoint, route and track transfer between compatible devices; user data and photo waypoints upload to Facebook as an interactive map; and automatic retrieval of GRIB files.For more information, click here.