on the beach

on the beach

We had a hell of a time covering the Tybee 500 adventure race last year for OTW Anarchy, and while we couldn’t make it down for this year’s race (which starts this Monday), long time SA’er MaughanNacra20 has stepped away from the helm to take over beach pushing duties for Team Velocity Sailing and more importantly, he’s taking charge of the coverage with some clever new technology. Here’s MN20: 

And so it begins… another year, another round…

As I type this, caravans of vehicles laden with sailors and their vessels are headed south to the picturesque venue of Islamorada Florida for the start of the Tybee 500.  They will arrive Friday afternoon – and begin to put together their steeds for their grueling gauntlet of a marathon race ahead of them.

Be safe drivers – you have a long drive ahead of you and remember that you’re leaving early so you can take your time getting there! That goes for all teams making their voyage south.

Live Beach Action

My Verizon Droid is running a program called "Ustream Broadcaster". It will stream low quality but LIVE video over its 3g connection to a server where you, the consuming masses can view it in real time. All videos will also be uploaded to our youtube channel upon successful broadcast. We’ll link to that when the first videos are uploaded and available.

Every morning, we should begin the live broadcast at just before 9:55AM. Since I am pushing TVS 2 (Tad), my lovely wife has agreed to hold the camera and catch as much action as possible during the actual starts. When we go live, an update will be made to our twitter @velocitysailing. A couple of disclaimers I have to make:

  1. Even though I’m using Verizon, I cannot guarantee that I’ll have adequate data coverage to provide this at every stop. I cannot guarantee that Ustream will be a good connection for you. In other words, the whole thing could fall apart on a technical level – but I’m giving it the college try. Any complaints will be refunded their money.
  2. The work will be completely amateur. Please do not complain about a shaky camera or wind noise blowing into the microphone because there’s likely nothing that I can do to fix it.
  3. I’m doing this because, as far as I know, no other videography is taking place for the race and this event requires that someone capture the drama on the beach as it happens.

To view the live feed – you can click the LIVE FEED tab at the top of the main page @ http://www.velocitysailing.com – or click here.