There is a ton of shit flying around a rule 69 situation in our forum. We’ll have the story from photographer Tim Wilkes, who was on the wrong end of the accusations, but here is a story from the opposite perspective:

From "Home Town Annapolis": Sportsmanship and the Corinthian spirit were on display in the J/30 class, where skipper Bob Putnam reported a rules violation on himself and thus forfeited certain victory. Better Mousetrap was winning after two days of racing when Putnam was alerted that switching mainsails in the middle of the regatta was a violation of class rules.

Other J/30 owners that found out about the mistake were not going to protest Putnam, but he willingly retired after the finish from all three races on Saturday. That dramatically altered the standings and propelled Bebop into first place, which it solidified by winning Race 8 on Sunday.

"Bob Putnam is a first-class sailor and everyone in the class is real proud of him for doing the right thing,"  Jump in the thread