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What might be the closest finish ever in the Hawaii Lipton Cup took place off Waikiki April 25 and 26, 2010.  The Lipton Cup first sailed for in Hawaii in 1930 represents the annual friendly competition between Hawaii Yacht Clubs.  The WYC represented by Fins won the Cup in 2009 from the Hawaii Yacht Club and successfully defended it against three challengers in five races for 2010.  “It came down to the last race” said skipper Todd Wyrick “and we did what we had to.  The crew worked hard every minute and never let up.  I am very proud of the team”  

Race one was sailed in 10 – 15 kt. warm trade winds with a 1 – 2 foot sea.  The weather mark was set ¼ mile off Diamond Head Buoy with a 1.5-mile leg.  The start finish line was set mid course.  After a battle around the 5.6-mile course Troubadour, the KYC entry skippered by Ray Sanborn took first with WYC and Harvey representing the HYC skippered by Steve Martin tied on handicap corrected time for second and were awarded 2.5 points each.  Fast Company representing the Nawiliwili Yacht Club on Kauai was fourth.  Of special note is that Fast Company sailed 20 hours non-stop to make the regatta and arrived Friday.  According the skipper Jim Saylor, “It blew 20 between the squalls.” 

Race two saw a reversal in fortunes with Fins winning, Harvey second and Troubadour third after kissing the weather mark.  Tides can run strong off Diamond Head. Fast Company corrected to fourth. In race three Troubadour corrected into first over Fins by 17 seconds.  Close racing.  Harvey corrected to third with Fast Company in fourth.  Day one ended with KYC 5 pts, WYC 5.5, HYC 7.5 and NYC 12 points.

Day two saw the trade winds increase and a little more of a seaway.  Race four saw the two leaders covering each other and in the end, Fins won with Harvey second, Troubadour third and Fast Company fourth.  The fifth and final race saw KYC correct into first over WYC by 10 seconds.  Harvey finished in third for the last race and the series with Fast Company showing the wear and tear of bring your boat upwind for 20 hours suffered many gear failures the last day of racing.  Final standing WYC 8.5, KYC 9, HYC, 12.5, NYC 20.

A great job was done by Rear Commodore for Sail Richard Lewis, PRO Ted Miller, Mike Rothwell, Jeff Hossellman, Hideki Hayashi, Phil Sammer, James McDowell, Vic Redding, Commodore Jim Ewing, Judges: Michael Roth, John Thorne, Charles Barclay. Congratulations to the crew of FINS:  Todd and Cindy Wyrick, Mike Chabala, Dan Weyant, Art Musso, Christin Shacat, Rich McCreedy, Fuzz Foster and Paul Strona.

Photo:  L to R Troubadour, Harvey, Diamond Head Lighthouse, Fins.  Photo by PJ Value.