sacre bleu! find a crew

sacre bleu! find a crew

Whether you’re looking for a job or a skipper or you need to fill your boat with fun people, the best place to look is the world famous Crew Pool Anarchy forum.  Make friends (and enemies) that’ll last a lifetime.  Sail (and get stupid drunk) in exotic places.  Need someone to help you deliver a boat around the block, or across the Atlantic?  Or do you just want to find a Tuesday night ride in your home town? It’s free, it works, and if you’re not using it, you lose the right to complain about (pick one): Shitty crew, shitty owners, crappy job, no sailing opportunities, etc. etc.  Here’s an example of the kind of fun that’s in store for you, from a post the other day:

Who are we looking for? Sailing and Windsurf specialists. Spend 3 or 4 hours/day teaching either activity to young girls at summer camp!  Minimum requirements: functionally bilingual, 18+ years of age and experience sailing or windsurfing.

Imagine a summer job where you can motivate, empower & impact a group of girls, practice your second language and brush up on your own skills in a variety of outdoor adventure programs.

Where do we sign up?