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courses for horses

The ginormous Sailing Anarchy  ISAF (International Sportboat Anarchy Festival) regatta is coming together quite nicely and we have some good news, with a hell of a lot more coming soon.

For now, the good news is that we will have two race courses for the regatta – one for the larger sportboats, and one for the dinghies! So this is where we’d just love to see some of fast small boats come race. 29’ers, Wetas, F-18’s, 505’s, A Cats and…?

Calling all Moths

We know y’all are coming to Coronado in October, so why not come tune up with us in September? The south bay is a great venue for the Moths and we’d like to get as many as possible, so come on down!

Sure there are a couple other events going on, but so what? Ours is a very unique format that lets all the sportboats compete not only as a class, but also against other classes and one thing we didn’t have last year were Melges of any size. Travis Wilson has entered his Melges 20 this year, and we know there are plenty of 20, 24 and 32’s that aren’t racing September 24-26 so come to Coronado and see if you can hang with the local boys. Our guess is that you don’t have what it takes. Prove us wrong.