“go quest” young men (and women)

"go quest" young men (and women)

A short report from the Farr 30 Mummaduck at Spi Ouest as they prepare for the final Mumm (Farr) 30 version of the Tour de France a la Voile.  Results are here.

After a successful participation at the Primo Cup in Monaco there has been a lot of training in the months February and March. The second race was the Spi Ouest at La Trinité sur Mer in France. For this race were 22 boats on the entry list. Of those 22 boats there were again some top teams like Courrier Dunkerkque, TPM and Ile de France. For this race Bouwe Bekking was the skipper for the Mummaduck Sailing Team.

The whole team arrived in France at Wednesday morning. After the preparing and the craning there was some time to go out on the water in the afternoon. Also was there time for a short training at Thursday morning. After this training Rondy and Ralph went to the Airport in Nantes to pick up Bouwe Bekking.

Race day 1
The first races were sailed at Friday, four races in total. At the first race the start was not good and there was not enough boat speed; some valuable places were lost. After that they could overtake some boats and finished at an eight place in the first race. At the second race the start was good; they even got to the second place. But then the spinnaker went into the water what had cost a lot of places and they dropped to the back of the fleet. The last two races were finished at a tenth and seventh place, in the last race there was even a nice fight with the French team Ile de France.

(no) Race day 2
The first start was already postponed by two hours because of bad weather forecast and only the Farr 30 and the IRC classes were allowed to go out in the afternoon. But then the committee decided to cancel all the races for today. On the way back the team hoisted their spinnaker, so they sailed back to the harbour with high speed. The team really enjoyed this moment! Back in the harbour we heard that some teams had torn a mainsail, a broken forestay and boom.

Race day 3
Four races were sailed under good conditions at Sunday. The team had some trouble with their upwind boat speed already the whole week. In some races that had cost some places. In the second race they had a small collision with the Groovederci team from the USA and the team had to make two penalty turns. A seventh and seventeenth place and two fifteenth places were the results for this third day.

Race day 4
There was an early start on Easter Monday. After a test run to try some new settings at the mast, it was time for the first race. These changes worked and the boat speed was much better today. In the first race the team finished at a tenth place; in the second race after a good start they had the best result of the weekend: a fourth place.

Trip back
Because the races were finished early they could start also early with preparing the boat for the transport. Already at six o’clock in the afternoon La Trinité sur Mer was left. After a smooth trip the boat was back in Delft at Tuesday morning.

What’s next?
With just two training weekends to go it’s already time for the next event. The Grand Prix Atlantique at Pornichet in France, this race will be sailed from April the 29th till May the 2nd.

By this way we would like to thank Bouwe Bekking for being skipper at the Mummaduck Sailing Team during the Spi Ouest. The whole team has learned a lot from his knowledge and his tips. This will definitely help for a good preparing for the Tour de France à la Voile that will be sailed this summer.

Bouwe Bekking wrote an article on his experiences sailing with Mumma Duck on his website; you can read it here.