training day

training day

Cards, candles, cake and presents all in the company of our close friends. To many, that’s a typical childhood birthday. In Ireland, though only turning the tender age of two, Sailing West, the RYA and ISA registered Sail Training Centre in Dublin is hosting a Hawaiian Shirts and Grass Skirts themed party to mark the occasion!!

Come Saturday night in Dún Laoghaire harbour, all eyes at the Royal Irish Yacht Club will be on the latest addition to the sailing club. Sadly, she will not sport a grass skirt, but the Reflex 38 that Sailing West recently acquired from Hamble is worth a look. At a glance, the Reflex 38 leaves a lasting impression; a massive beam akin to a Farr 45, a wide open cockpit perfect for racing and the massive freeboards on her bow show she means business.

Originally built for Clipper and with racing in mind, those intimidating freeboards guarantee no nose dive on a downwind slalom- a design aspect requested by Sir Robin Knox Johnson.

In bringing the Reflex 38 to Dublin, Sailing West now boast a perfect foil for their other sail training vessel, a Jeanneau Sunfast 37. With fast cruising and a safe, excellent platform for learning, the Jeanneau has proven popular by all who completed practical courses on her. The Reflex however, is a different animal and though they both share the same stable in Dún Laoghaire, there is no doubting the purpose of the Reflex; Race Training. Having sailed her, I can testify that she is one powerful boat and one that will stand shoulder to shoulder with the best Irish sailing has to offer in both Dublin and during Cork week. Not only that, but both boats are entered in the Round Ireland Race, an exciting new departure for Sailing West who will have their crews and boats to the limit on the demanding race, earning each of the 704 nautical miles.

Congratulations must be given to Paul Adamson, the principal of Sailing West, who guides the company on a steady course, providing top class sail training to all that participate in the number of courses on offer. Being in his presence, you would ask, how does a man from Chester who spent the formative years of his sailing in Hamble and the Caribbean make his way to Dublin, Ireland? Granted the Gulf Stream may have a role to play, but it must be said that he met an Irish woman, to whom he is married and crash gybed into that crazy thing called love! Plans to conquer the Pacific were shelved and an excellent sailing school in Dublin was set up,

We wish sailingwest.ie a very Happy Birthday and look forward to the next one. By Sunday the Reflex 38, “Intuition” will be on a mooring just below the bandstand on Dún Laoghaire’s East Pier and it will certainly catch the eye. Here is a link to the delivery from Hamble to Dublin:

If that does not make you want to get some salt in your veins, then what will?!

Good winds to all,
Cillian McGovern