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We’ll bet you don’t know jack about boat pads. Atlas Boat Pad is about to school you…

Boat pads for trailers and stands have traditionally been constructed out of wood. Wood pads are not ideal. They decay and fall apart over time. Often a carpet covering is placed over the wood In an effort protect the boat from abrasions and scratching. Carpet will hold moisture and further decreases the life of the pad. Moisture absorbed in the carpet will also cause blistering in the hull itself. For boatyards and those involved in painting boats, the carpet and wood pads are problematic because the paint or epoxy is difficult to remove from this type of pad.

The solution to all of the problems listed above is Atlas Boat Pad. The Atlas Boat Pad is a product that will not decay and protects the boats resting on it. The Atlas Boat Pad is chemical and UV resistant. Applications are stands and trailers that have originally been equipped with wood pads. Inherent in the design of the Atlas Boat Pads are features that exceed anything else that has been offered prior. Check us out!