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save it for later

Sailors for the Sea, the only ocean conservation nonprofit focused on the sailing and boating community, today joins forces with SailProud to remove more than 180,000 cubic inches of United States’ landfill space near coastal communities and prevent the release of almost three tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

This effort, in honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2010), is supported through the sale of the stylish, limited edition Sailors for the Sea ECO Tee designed and produced by SailProud, an outdoor apparel company that produces high quality, innovative performance clothing from eco-friendly and recycled materials sourced in the United States. The foundation of the Sailors for the Sea ECO Tee is SailProud’s signature EcoWear Tech Tee, which is made from approximately five post-consumer recycled plastic bottles that are taken directly from landfills throughout the United States, fabricated and combined with organic cotton. Combining these materials avoids the overuse of environmentally damaging cotton. (A typical cotton shirt uses approximately one-third pound of pesticides in the growing process.) The construction and manufacturing is done in the United States saving time and shipping emissions, and SailProud uses only water-based, non-toxic screen printing inks and dyes, which do not produce dangerous runoff.

All profits from the sale of the shirts, limited to a total production of 1,000 shirts, will go directly to Sailors for the Sea to help support and fund programs designed to protect and restore ocean and coastal waters. To ensure the production effort is as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible, production of these semi-custom shirts will begin once the preorder period closes on April 22, which will enable one-run production and virtually no excess inventory. By purchasing these shirts – in lieu of petroleum-based materials – consumers have immediate impact on protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. Impact benefits include:

  • 1800 kilowatts hours conserved
  • 180,000 cubic inches of landfill space removed
  • 5,500 pounds of CO2 emissions prevents
  • 64 fully-mature trees planted (annual equivalent)

The shirts are available at a special price of $15 per shirt or $25 for two shirts (use code “BUY2”) and will ship soon after Earth Day, with payments processed at the time of shipping. To order visit here.

For more information about becoming a member of Sailors for the Sea contact Hilary Weich, at 401-846-8900 or [email protected] or visit here.