more mooring


more mooring

Maybe not the most important issue in the world, but one of some import to this sailing community….

I am writing in hopes that you will allow me to ask your readers to
write a short letter to the Army Corps of Engineers supporting the
installation of moorings for visiting boaters.
The Capital Yacht Club in Washington DC is requesting approval for the
installation of 9 mooring balls so that we can ensure that visiting
boats have a place to tie up when they visit our Nation’s Capital. It’s
very important for Cruisers to support this, because DC doesn’t have a very
large boating community; it’s not a state and it only has a few
hundred slips.

There is only one place to anchor for sailboats due to
bridge clearance, and by having some moorings approved, it will
protect our right to anchor there.

If your readers could write in support of this, that would really be
appreciated. Our application number is – NAB-2009-01754-M07 (Capital
Yacht Club / Mooring Field) and here is the address
to write to:

Please write to:
Maria N. Teresi
Regulatory Branch
USACE, Baltimore District
(410) 962-4501
[email protected]

and please copy:

Tom Des Jardins
Capital Yacht Club
1000 Water Street
Washington, DC 20024
[email protected]