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southern breeze

Brad Van Liew (head of the Lazarus Project Open 60 will be on the microphone with me today to broadcast the final day of racing here in sunny (again) breezy Charleston – good thing because my voice is totally gone.

Forecast is more or less a carbon copy of yesterday except a bit to the right, which means the sea breeze can line it up even better and we may see up to 20 by the end of the day. Maybe so, maybe not – PRO’s will try to get everyone off the water as early as possible, we expect two races on the inshore courses (for a total of 10) and two offshore (for a total of 8).

We’ll once again try to run offshore, we’re just giving ourselves a bit more time this morning because I do really want to see the big boats for at least a race, but then we’ll race back inside to check in with both small courses and of course see if Bora can hold off David Dabney in the largest fleet – the M24s.

We’ll broadcast the entire awards ceremony to you live – the Cocktail Hour tonight isn’t gonna happen, people are getting to work on their boats very quickly after racing, and there’s just not an hour to be had until much later in the night – and that’s the Sunday night get-together at my place, which has become a sort of tradition here for me and a few others…

Anyway, thanks for playing so far, this has – once again – been the funnest time in a while. Some good interviews last night, so be sure to check out the video gallery

Big shame to see echo and the boys dismasted yesterday, along with Teddy Turner the first day, but for the most part, despite winds over 15 and up to 30 over the past few days, the carnage has seemed to be pretty under control. And the smiles are ridiculous!

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