vor for tnz

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vor for tnz

Local media in Mallorca have reported that local shoes manufacturer Camper, has reached an agreement with TNZ for a VOR campaign. Here is the translation:

Team New Zealand to take part in the next VOR together with CAMPER and the REAL CLUB NAUTICO DE PALMA

TNZ will take part in next edition of the VOR, round the world race with stopovers, under the rcnpalma flag. The agreement as gaceta nautica knows exclusively, took place in a meeting hold two days ago.
The details will be public on a press meeting next monday in the real club nautico de palma.
that will be the first time the newzealnd team ,lead by Grant Dalton, take part in the VOR. TNZ is one of the most prestigious teams in the world and has a long history in both AC and MEDCUP TP 52 circuit.
One of the new legs of the race will arrive in ABu Dhabi, in the arab emirates, a logic situation that confirms the participation of the kiwi team.

And the last two paragraphs says its been said it will be a 20 million budget for a three years commitment..