going to carlolina in my mind


going to carlolina in my mind

Patriot’s Point, South Carolina has gone from quiet to crazy today as nearly 200 boats rush to get their boats race ready before the festivities begin tonight at 2010 Charleston Race Week.  20+ knots of breeze yesterday meant one cracked mast on the water and one cracked gin pole on land already, and 20+ today will mean some very fun rides and perhaps more carnage before a more moderate day greets the racers for their first start tomorrow morning. 

Charleston’s success has been a wonderful thing to watch from our point of view.  We love that the event has so embraced the sportboats that we are such fans of on SA –  if you include J/80s, this event has a total of 102 sporties registered, marking it as the largest-ever gathering of sportboats in North American history.  Yet despite all the buzz, PHRF fleets continue to grow and the first-ever IRC fleet is on the water for 2010.  We also love the approach to marketing their event that Brad and Meaghan Van Liew so effectively put into place when the nonprofit SC Maritime Foundation took over the event a few years back.  They’ve got young, web savvy sailor chicks constantly updating their Facebook page, a fresh approach to media that gets them tons of exposure including local TV and radio spots and  and they’ve been advertising with SA for more than three years, something that organizers have cited as invaluable to their current status as the biggest multi-class regatta in the South.

Also invaluable to CRW’s growth has been the ability for prospective competitors to watch the racing themselves during any of our On-The-Water Anarchy reports from the last three years of the regatta.  Our ability to bring you racing action has grown with the event, and we’re stoked to announce that, thanks entirely to Charleston Race Week Anarchy Title Sponsor HARKEN, OTWA Apparel Provider Layline, OTWA Logistics Provider Latis Yachting Solutions and to the US Melges 24 Class’s new ‘Road to Corpus Christi’ campaign, our coverage of 2010 Charleston Race Week  – which starts Friday morning – will be the most complete yet.

Charleston is one of the more difficult to cover, as it comprises over 100 boats on two inshore courses with the rest offshore around 5 miles away. The inshore courses are all one-design, so we’ll likely concentrate our efforts there, but we’re also going to spend some time offshore with both the shitboxes and the porn – the metallic blue SC52 Vincitore looks beautiful on camera, and we really want to check out the hot new Lutra GP42 ‘Big Booty’ in the IRC class as well.  The first start of the Tripp 27 class in years is out there, as well as ‘Super 30’ sportboat PHRF class with Viper 830s, Melges 32s, and some other nice rides.  Inshore, both the Viper 640 and Melges 24 have 30 boats, with slightly smaller fleets of J/80s, J/24s, and Melges 20s, so there will be plenty to watch.  And we’ll have the action, streaming live on video to your computers, along with the usual great photos, HD video highlights, on the dock interviews, and a couple of excellent live Cocktail Hours focusing on the sportboat phenomenon and whatever else we can think of.  We’ll also be giving away some excellent, valuable prizes for those that guess winners and jump through whatever other hoops we throw your way.  And of course the memorable "Girls of Charleston" gallery is right around the corner, and there should be some bikini weather on the schedule…

We’ll have the live feed and a guide to event links up at the Sailing Anarchy OTWA page tonight, and you’ll find everything else you need to know or to talk about in the Charleston Race Week OTWA forum right here.  Good times.