the kid’s done


the kid’s done

18-year old Mike Perham,  the youngest person to sail single-handed around the world, has been forced to withdraw from participating on the Talisker Bounty Boat voyage, a 6-week  re-enactment of Capt William Bligh’s remarkable 4,000 mile voyage in an open boat following the infamous mutiny on HMS Bounty 221 years ago.

In February, Mike suffered an appendix attack  while training for the voyage in Australia with skipper Don Mcintyre and two other crewmen . He underwent an operation in Sydney but is still suffering from the after effects of surgery. Now back home in England, doctors here are baffled by his continued weight loss and say it is as if his body has been through the Bounty Boat trial already and have ruled that he is in no condition to endure the deprivations that Bligh and his crew experienced during their 48 day sail from Tonga to Timor.

Mike is gutted by the decision: ‘I feel fine mentally and am raring to go, but physically I just don’t have anywhere near the amount of energy I used to enjoy. My body is just not fit enough to endure this 6 week challenge. I wish Don and his new crew well and, like everyone else, I will just have to follow the challenge on the Web.’

Mike has just had his first book ‘Sailing the Dream’ published and will continue as an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, UK Youth and the Petchy Foundation, giving inspirational talks at schools, youth groups and corporate events. 

Not one to sit around with his feet up, Mike is going to use this enforced recovery time to plan his next adventure. To keep up with Mike, visit his website www.challengemike.com

To follow the Talisker Bounty Boat voyage starting on April 28, go to www.taliskerbountyboat.com