ac dope


The BMW Oracle racing team is paying homage to their homies in Anacortes, Washington this weekend by bringing the Cup in for a visit. The BOR team it taking a full weekend to run the Auld Mug up to this corner of Washington State to honor the builders and their families. 

Over the years of building and rebuilding, this quiet town kept mum while prying eyes peered over the fences with big telephoto lenses in hopes of being the first to see Dogzilla.   Among them were a few anarchists, who regularly kept the AC watchers up to date on what they could uncover, using parking spaces as benchmarks for measurement.  The subject of their musings was Core Builders, who is responsible for constructing the largest wing ever built to race on the most technologically advanced trimaran ever built.  

From the BOR Blog: "Mark Turner, Tim Smyth and the team at Core Builders have been absolutely critical to our team’s success," Russell Coutts (NZL) is quoted as saying in the story.

"I can’t begin to describe the hours of work the boatbuilders put in to make our trimaran, USA, as good as it could be. This boat, and the wing that powered it, was on a scale that nobody had ever imagined before, let alone attempted to build, and the crew at Core Builders made it a reality."

At the open event on Saturday night, the Governor of Washington is planning to be at the Port of Anacortes Warehouse 4 as a part of the presentation, and the entire town will light up for the weekend.  Expect to see a few celebrating anarchists there too.  Go here to make your plans to join them. Video courtesy of Stingray.