classic sporties?

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classic sporties?

So we received this e-mail from an old friend (and we do mean old) about the SA International Sportboat Anarchy Festival regatta and it of course brings up a great point:

What about the older classics not thought of anymore as a "Sport Boat" such as a Moore 24, Santa Cruz 27, Olson 30, Hobie
33…is there no place in your debauchery for us? We might not be as flexible or as thin or stay up as late at night as the
other classes invited but I feel we could contribute a certain class and dignity to what might be considered a college party rumble?
Any way to have a PH class for the older Sporties?

And of course the answer is yes! In fact, how cool to have a fleet of the new schoolers and the old schoolers? Then later we can throw down at the bar and see who can really hang, and who can’t!  So let’s see if we can’t get some of the classic sporties to the ISAF – it would add a great element to the event and really make this thing rock! Coronado Yacht Club says they can handle 100 boats, so get on it!

Update – we have the first Moore 24 entered…!