cheap sport

cheap sport

Anarchist ‘Guy’ from Cowes proves that you can have a sexy sportboat on a budget – well, he hasn’t proven it yet.  Another good, well-interwebbed home building project, something we’re seeing more and more of these days.  It can only be a good thing.  Follow the build here, and comment or ask your questions here (they’ve already answered "What’s it rate?") Here’s a little from the builder:

The GT6 started out as an exercise to build the best value, easiest to build and with, of course, as little compromise to the sports-boat concept. I won’t pretend that this is a unique proposition but it is a development on sharpie or a 3 – plank boat, and for which for no extra boatbuilding effort or skill is required.

To prove the concept, and to furnish Gerry with his boat(!), we are building hull #1 in a corner of a local yard, employing little more than some basic DIY skills and with limited access to Gerry’s very tight wallet! Just just for good measure we will note any issues we come accross or tips/tricks so any persons following or wanting to build from plans can gain from our experience!

Between the two of us and the day jobs we have spent about 5 days of effort to get to the current point; all the bulkheads and hull planks are filleted/tabbed and waiting to be taped in- hopefully this afternoon, but more of that later.