a bug’s (new) life

a bug’s (new) life

The foiling Moth has built a huge base of fans who have a new kind of excitement for sailing. It’s become the "some day" boat for loads of high-performance sailors and wannabes, and we include ourselves in that group, which is why we devote so much front page space to it.  Yet the domination of the class by Andrew McDougall’s awesome designs takes a little something out of its allure, and we were excited to hear rumors of a new Moth possibly making its appearance at the upcoming European Champs in Switzerland.

But there’s even more exciting news from foiler world:  One of the most influential people in the world of high-speed dinghies – Julian Bethwaite – has completed his new Moth design. An economical man with words, Julian gave us a tiny hint:

"It’s just continuing on from dad’s and my 49er/speed boat stuff.  We will stay with Canard configuration, there are no throwbacks to old displacement moths, and we’ll probably go to a wing mast and do some work on the wing bars.  Production is a long way off, there are a few other projects I have to bed down first, but then again, I built the hull in under a day, and I’m starting on a deck now. This is why we do this stuff: To learn!"

You can check out the Bethwaite Design site, but the only place with the info on the new Moth is here on Sailing Anarchy…