With current construction techniques, the speed and size of yachts is limited only by imagination. Under design now is the largest sailing trimaran in the world, Lamu III, contracted by a German owner who fancies expeditions to remote parts of the globe with luxury. At 170 feet with a 94 foot beam, this all carbon tri will get it done.

The 118’ sticks of the ketch rig sport almost 3,100 square feet of sail, about 300 less than Groupama 3, not that there’s a speed comparison. The center hull has a crane on each side, one for a RIB and the other for a speed boat when they want a head turning St. Tropez landing. The bow shapes are blunt with a topside curve a la IDEC. Well high of the waterline, the aft wheelhouse provides plenty of comfort while driving, although I’m not sure anyone has to be at the wheel all the time. One Cummins diesel with jet drive provides the bare stick maneuvering.

The 8’6” wide, 157’ long floats are designed to be empty, used only for stability. By the looks of it, they’ll be underwater quite a bit. The boards are well forward with a long cord length and the rudders are off the transom for easy repair.

Yeah, it looks like a pissed anteater with sunglasses, but I wouldn’t turn the owner down on a ride to Tahiti. – John Casey.