key nood race week?

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key nood race week?

That Key West Race Week has been struggling is a surprise to no one, but when you enlist asshats like this to help your cause, is it any surprise?   What is a surprise though is that we have heard from an employee of the other idiot Craig, Peter Craig, that Premier has sold the rights to KWRW to Sailing World’s NOOD regattas. At first blush it seems a bit of a surprise, but in reality, it is a perfect handoff. One creepy control freak handing it over to a bunch of tight-shinctered douchebags, who will no doubt do their best to turn this event into an even more expensive, restrictive and less fun event than ever. Our suggestions to help them along are as follows:

Jack the entry fees to at least double. Make every participant – owner, skipper, crew, coke whores, etc., to all be paid-up members of US Ailing. Make everyone buy $100 wrist bands to enter their "revival tents" where booze will be scarce, but prayer groups and christian workshops will be a plenty. And by all means, please please lather it all up with lots and lots and lots of corporate sponsorship, so that not only will you absolutely guarantee that you will choke the last gasp out of this dying event, but also so that plenty of chubby PR toads can walk around in their LL Bean attire with spiffy little badges.

Congrats, you idiots!