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Warnings go up from Florida to New England for the weekend

While scientists on both sides of the table debate the current state of climate change, something disturbing has been taking place over the last 72 hours over much of the Northeast. Rains of near biblical proportion have already fallen across the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine. Municipalities are beginning to wonder how much more they can take and just when it looked as though there might be a light at the end of the storms seemingly endless tunnel there arrived overnight a specter on the horizon “the likes of which meteorologists and climatologists have never seen before” said Steve Dunton from the National Center for Severe Storm Forecasting.

In the far western Gulf of Mexico, a closed eye off season sub tropical cyclone began to form and while that is not unheard of, it comes on the heels of two Western Pacific early season cyclones that drew little attention but grew into Category 3 storms with winds of 115 knots and seas up to 50 feet. That sort of atmospheric intensity a full two months before the official season begins is concerning. What is most unnerving at the moment is the Cyclogenisis forecast to occur over the next 72 hours with a bulls eye on much of Long Island, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and the Canadian Maritimes. Much like the perfect storm of the late 1993, this system will combine a Nor’easter with an early season cyclone and the rain forecast now set to arrive over the first weekend of April would have made Noah tremble even after completing the Ark. Nearly 25 inches of rain and battering 20-30 foot seas combined with very high seasonal tides is forecast to bring a storm surge of 8-12 feet to much of coastal New England this weekend.

Residents and boaters are being urged to rush preparations to completion by no later than Friday evening as conditions are set to deteriorate through Saturday as the storm makes its final approach to this already tortured segment of the US coastline. Civil defense authorities up and down the coastal areas of Massachusetts scheduled a press conference for 1:00PM EDT Thursday to make an announcement on what available shelters will be opened to accommodate those likely to become homeless as a result of the storm.

Suffolk county Massachusetts civil defense administration Milton Wells said in his 73 years he has never seen a forecast like this one since massive Hurricane Edna ravaged the state in 1954. Hydrologists agreed that the already super saturated top soil made the likely hood of losing trees and power poles much higher than usual.  At Home Depot’s  Allstate Road location in coastal Boston Building Goods manager Karen Brookline said, “The rush hasn’t hit yet but we are ready for it when it does. We have placed batteries and plywood at the front of the store in an effort to help folks caught off guard by this pending storm get what they need, leave us what little cash they have left in this crappy economy and get the hell out of here before the shit really hits the fan on Saturday morning.  Folks around here are used to bad weather but having this storm arrive on Easter weekend is a cruel blow to the local economy."