one long sausage

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one long sausage

Most of you know that we’ll take almost any kind of half-assed idea and pimp it for money, and this might be one of the strangest yet, but we figure that there have got to be a few kooks who will do this, right? Here’s what our newest advertiser wants to share with you:

Marine Ventures LLC, in conjunction with California and Hawaii Yacht Clubs have a put together what we think is the greatest Pacific Ocean challenge ever: Around Hawaii and back!

We looked at the races to Hawaii and thought, "that’s nice" but why not create a "west coast mini VOR" so we created the toughest, most interesting course we could think of: Start in Marina Del Rey, Ca, take all of the Hawaiian Islands to port and finish back at MDR. 5,000 miles of amazing ocean racing that only the best and brightest will want to enter.

We are working closely with some major sponsors and will be announcing a $10,000 first place prize to the winner! Stay tuned to these pages for more info.