junior admirals

junior admirals

From Dave Carlson comes this report of some new blood kicking ass in last weekend’s Admiral’s Cup in the continually growing A-Cat fleet.

This year’s classiest event was Admiral’s Cup in Bokeelia, Florida sponsored by Ben Hall and 37 other A-cat sailors, including only about 2 beginners.  Sailing was great, with good weather if you ignore a drift-to-the finish in the 3rd race Saturday whilst waiting for the sea breeze to appear and complete a 180 degree wind shift.  Competition was brutal, and a first for the fleet was that 2 newbies in the fleet finished 1st and 2nd!  Winning was Jeff Linton, a Hobie sailor 30 years ago before he began winning all of the small dinghy Nationals in the USA and the US Sailing Sailor of the Year last year. A new kid came in second- Steve Clark’s son Oliver- with wicked speed. Bob Webbon (TX) was 3rd, Ben Hall 4th and Lars Guck, featured clinic director and the usual A-class winner was 5th. 

I had a great conversation with Steve Clark and Randy Smyth about the new C-class cat- that will probably have banana boards.  Steve also did a slide show on the last Little America’s Cup.  They have hulls ready to splash in 2 weeks.

Ben Hall had his prototype curved black banana board in his garage. It had at least 14 layers of uni carbon on each side- and weighed 10 pounds.  You could hold up a Jeep with it. Ben’s now-commercial banana boards weigh maybe 4 pounds and are quite lovely.