ultimate upgrade

ultimate upgrade

The Ultimate 20 is one of the original 20 foot sporties, and still the only one with a true ‘stabbin cabin.  But with a heavy alloy rig and a hard platform from which to hike, its performance is not quite up to par with the newer sportboats.  Fortunately, the class is going something about it, and the move is led by some well-known Anarchists.  This from the Class Pres, with photo from Da-Woody.

The Ultimate 20 Class is moving into the new decade with an expanded view of growth.  The class organization is now in charge of the molds and has a builder on line ready to deliver new boats.  Nine new U20s have already been built.  The Class organization commissioned an engineering study to develop a new carbon mast.  After one prototype mast was built and delivered by C-Tech, active testing was done to verify its suitability with the boat.  Fifteen additional masts were ordered and are now in the field being tested.  A vote by the class membership is expected within the month to make these masts legal for class competition.

Eight west coast U20s competed in the San Diego NOOD Regatta while seventeen sailed on the east coast at the Lake Norman Yacht Club Midwinter Regatta.  Over thirty U20s are expected to compete at the North American Championships at Lake Dillon, Colorado in August."

Thanks so much for your interest.

Gregg Henning
Ultimate 20 Class President