on board


From on board the R/P 62 Limit on the Newport to Cabo race.

Well it has been a VMG run for the last couple of days which has made for very pleasant sailing both day and night with near perfect temperatures. The Akela  has shown us that in under 14 TWS that we have some work to do . Akela has seemed like in under 12 they are close to a knot quicker than us dead downwind. Not a great feeling but I guess they have 15’ on us so not the end of the world.

The gybes have been fairly often treating the shifty times like a W/L whilst working towards the shifts which up until tonight have not been huge, The forecast is for the breeze to drop from in front of us first so I think we will see a massive compression of the fleet over the next 12 hours. As the highest rating but I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes.

All is very well on board and captain Alan has be keeping the crew amused by reading from a dictionary of profanities (it do not take much to keep the spirits up in such great conditions)

Tomorrow morning’s light spot will be the nice big roll to see how the results will stack up although it seems Akela and ourselves have much the same game plan so we may not get a chance to get any leverage to make any significant gains knowing in the lighter air they seem to have the legs. (Track ’em here – Ed)

All the Best,
Team Limit