no news = no renews

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no news = no renews

We’ve left the new US Sailing president alone for almost six months now, but aside from giving out some Rolex and announcing that Yacht Clubs are a priority to the US National Governing Body for sailing, we can’t tell if Gary Jobson has done a single thing since his ‘inauguration."  And a whole lot of Anarchists, like ‘5 kt shitbox’ here, are wondering the same thing:

My 6 or 8 year US Sailing membership expires this month. During that time the fabulous discounts and benefits they provided have saved me probably less than $40. So far neither SF YRA nor any other bay area yacht club I’ve seen honors the race fee discounts that US Ailing hawks, so it’s saving me flat fucking nothing here. The Mag is no longer included, that’s a separate subcription. (why would anyone pay for that drivel when you can come here and get ten times the drivel for free) All the other discounts and bene’s are availible to anyone willing to do even a modicum of internet searching.

So for my money I get: To help US Ailing try to recover from years of sport-killing mismanagement, a copy of the RRS, and the satisfaction that in some small way I’m helping promising young sailors advertise for a printing company.

Anybody got a reason to renew?

Are they actually heading in the right direction these days?

Got an answer for him?  Post it here.