parental duty

parental duty

The new Moth World Champion sends us mail. Meredith Block photo.

OK I’m over it, That event has now gone, consigned to the history books and recorded by an engraving and a few pics on a lap top, Oh and I straightened the trophy out with a rubber mallet. It was never was meant to be square.

This little class of ours is special but something has been bothering me. It’s a question that Clean asked me in the final Sailing Anarchy Cocktail Hour.  That question was "what are you doing for the kids who are trying to get into Moths?" and basically it floored me. "I.. um.. take ’em out in my boat" wasn’t a good answer then, and it certainly isn’t now.

So what to do? It’s a truism that we lose lots of kids to other sports, but mainly we lose them to street corners after the junior and the youth programmes have finished. Why? Because for a life-hungry, brand-aware kid, something from sailing’s ‘antique roadshow’ just ain’t gonna cut it.

But it’s the parents who have to get aware, because the kids can’t afford foiler moths.  You can take them out as many times as you like and sure they run back to their Oppi’s and Tera’s with renewed enthusiasm in the same way you drive home enthusiastically from a track day, but soon they are just too old..

So Mom and Dad, you’ve got to get sailing brand aware! Start buying up the perfectly good and very affordable Prowlers and Bladeriders that are now a few years old and get your son or daughter into the coolest class around, I promise you they won’t leave, no one ever does, and in the end it will be a damn site cheaper than a OxyContin habit.

I had a great offer for my boat this week, so tempted to take it but I didn’t. Why? because I will never get a new one probably and also because I’ve written to both of the schools my boys are at offering to coach the kids and do talks and stuff. I may need the boat as a prop. It’s still not much of an answer Clean but its better than the one I gave you in Dubai. – Simon Payne.