mother’s day


mother’s day

It’s a little late, but in this case, we think that’s just fine, and this request, from ‘Multihauler’, is the kind of thing that SA’s community was made for.  Read on, and check out more about this fine lady in the thread.

Fellow Anarchists,

I need your help to make someone’s B-Day special.

On Wednesday March 24th, a very special sailor will be celebrating a significant life event. The woman who gave me life, and introduced me to the sport of sailing in my much younger years, Mama-Multihauler, will be celebrating her 80th Birthday!

Unfortunately, over the last 18 months, she has not been able to experience the joy of the wind in her hair, and the salt spray in her face, as health issues forced her to give up sailing for the time being. The good news is that through persistence and perseverance, she has been getting much better, and is looking forward to once again spending weekends sailing the waters of San Francisco Bay.

In the hopes of making her Birthday something she will never forget, I was thinking how much she would enjoy hearing from anarchists from all over the globe. She is a little techno-phobic, and for her to receive email B-Day messages from fellow anarchists would really lift her spirits.

So, if you have a spare minute, please drop a quick email to this truly wonderful Sailor Chick (Pat H.) at this address.

It will bring a BIG smile to her face!!!