copy cat

copy cat

The Extreme 40s continued success both in sales and racing participation has been attributed to two main factors.  First, the boats are an outstanding value – fairly bulletproof for an ultra fast, lightweight racing cat, and comparatively cheap to crew and buy sails for.  Second, they are designed for transport, with two fitting in a container in a process that ain’t quick, but it isn’t complicated either, and cuts down transportation costs over any other multihull in its size range by an order of magnitude.

Along comes the Marstrom M32.  Smaller and lighter than the X40 and a far more modern design, the M32 will be cheaper to buy, cheaper to campaign (with no jib, a big recurring expense is dropped), and cheaper to transport than the X40, provided you buy three of them (they fit three to a container).  And it comes in at a price tag that could actually be called "reasonable" given the kinds of speeds this thing must be capable of; 110,000 Euro buys you a new one – roughly the cost of a new Melges 32.  But as much as we love Melges boats, this one’s a Marstrom, and will likely be zoom zoom zooming around the oceans long after the Melges has turned to sand.

Will this boat become the centerpiece for a new circuit like the Extreme 40, clearly the concept it’s targeting, or will they end up in random places around the world competing in the odd coastal race, like the Lightspeed and Seacart before it?

I guess we’ll see when they start hitting the water in just a few months.  More info in the forums, of course.