way back machine

way back machine

This post from heckler truly made us laugh, not so much for the content (which is indeed laughable), but for the all-time classic e-mail from a long forgotten hack named Rob Moore:

"Scot Tempesta is a bitter person who is burning a lot of bridges in San Diego with his personal attacks on people (Leweck, Isler, Conner and many others) and things (PHRF, etc.). It isn’t journalism, and no one in the industry expects it to last much longer. Scot has an occasional decent ‘innerview’, but most of it sounds like the rantings of a deranged and mostly ignored wierdo screaming at people from the street corner, shaking his fist at the world. That’s just my opinion, of course. Cheers, R."

Nine years later and we’re still here. – blow me Rob, wherever you are. Jump in to read the rest.

(Ed note – we just learned that Moore is suffring from lung cancer. We’re sorry to hear that and we honestly hope that he beats it and comes back and tell me to fuck off.)