road warrior

road warrior

So ya wanna sell a unique brand of boat? Here’s a sample of what that life can be like…

Made it!! (from east coast to west coast) Not without some challenges. Trailer tire blow-out at midnight on I-40 fifty miles east of Nashville was a hairy moment I hope not to experience again. Attached are a few pics of the low and the high.

But now parked at Berkeley Marine Center. They are going to be west coast distributor and local base of operations for M65 – Cree Partridge is pretty psyched to have boat here. Might build them here at some point. This boat will be on west coast for at least two months . . . maybe will never leave . . . I already have someone who came up to me in the yard and may be interested in buying it.

Look forward to getting you guys onboard for a Mini ride. M65 will be at the Oakland Boat Show – probably on display in the bulk area just off the show entrance. Also registered and paid for the Newport-Ensenada Race. That’s going to be cool.

Red-eye back east tonight to do "Dad thing" for my daughter tomorrow, then back to CA end of next week to prep and launch. The M65 should be sailing on the Pacific next weekend!  It’s Mini Time in California!! – Jeffrey Dingle.