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not slacking

After years of idle slacking off and time wasting on the SA forums, long time regular and occasional contributor B.J. Porter finally decided to do something useful again. Instead of making snarky comments and ultra liberal pinko rants in the political forum or asking dopey questions about the best stuff to seal his head valves in Cruising Anarchy he finally put his brain towards something which might be a big help to our tireless and underappreciated Race Committees.

The end result? R/C Assist – a handy utility for any Race Committee. This iPhone app is a virtual starting box for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It runs three popular start sequences – the RRS Rule 26 five minute start, the U.S. Sailing Appendix S three minute dinghy start, and the ICSA college racing three minute start.

Providing visual cues for which flags to put up next and what sounds to make and when, the software also makes the sounds for you. So plug it in to a P/A system, stereo or bull horn and you can run a full start sequence with the touch of one button on your iPhone or iPod. Or just run it quietly so the boys can still play with the shotguns and horns and you don’t screw up the timing and flags. All for less than half the cost of an air horn refill. Check it out and tell him what you think.

Now if we could only teach him to stop falling off his Laser.