life of lia


Some people are just different. they do different things for different reasons. Things that other might view as insane. Lia Ditton is doing something different. like rowing 2,500 nautical miles. We’re just sayin’…

I ask Mick occasionally why he’s out here. I tease him and ask if he was having some kind of mid-life crisis. ‘If I wasn’t having one before, I’m having one now!’

Over the past 2 months, I’ve had 620 hours of thinking time! Who has such a luxury? So what have I learned during all that time at the open university? Good question.
I had never tried to think-feel my arms and I probably won’t be signing up for 10 days of think-feeling again. However, the experience did leave its mark. Most importantly the Vipashna mantra stuck. ‘Patience and Persistence and you are BOUND to be successful.’

Rattling off a saying and actually putting it into practice are two different things, but 60 odd days trying to row across the Atlantic I think could definitely be classed as a good test. If we thought we were graduates of life, we became pupils once again, at the ocean academy.

Caring, sharing, considerate – these are relatively new words to our relationship, but they’re establishing themselves. It’s never too late. ‘Patience and persistence…’ On an ocean stage, Mick has grown a beard and also, hopefully, a dear friendship. Now it’s just time to wrap up the act and finish crossing the page. Here’s her blog.