bad man

bad man

We see these kind of stories all too often in other kinds of kids’ sports. Looks like sailing is no longer immune…

The Edison Sailing Center in Florida has suspended lessons indefinitely after its executive director was arrested Thursday, accused of sending sexually explicit letters to a girl who was his student.
Lee County sheriff’s deputies arrested Steve Olive, 58, on Thursday at his North Fort Myers home. He remained in jail Thursday night.

Besides his role as executive director of the Fort Myers-based sailing school, Olive also is listed as coach of the sailing club at FGCU. The investigation began Feb. 26 when the sheriff’s office found out the girl, who has not been identified because of her age, allegedly received obscene letters and written material from Olive.

According to the sheriff’s office, Olive had been sending the letters – described in an arrest report as graphic, vulgar and highly detailed in nature – for several weeks. From the news-press.com. The rest of the story is here.