bad company

bad company

Little did we know when we invited the Anarchists to submit stories about our pal Ernesto that those stories would extend to the AC loser’s ring of friends and business acquaintances, but sure enough, that’s how things are playing out.

Today we learned of a December article in the popular Spanish magazine ABC that reports RFEV a-holes Pombo and Chirivella as likely to be investigated for the loss of a million Euro from the RFEV coffers.  The news of this ‘accounting problem’ was uncovered during Pombo and Chirivella’s douchebaggish lawsuit against blogger Jaume Soler for mean comments made about the RFEV officials by anonymous posters on Soler’s blog.  Could this mean criminal charges against them?  We don’t know just yet, but this is the best kind of karma imaginable for lovers of truth, and we’re working on getting more of the story. You can find the article and translations starting with this post.

And it gets better.

Dr. Khater Massaad, CEO of the RAK investment authority that was the architect of Alinghi’s planned race in the UAE, told the Arabian Business News yesterday that, not only did RAK  spend a total of only $10 million of a ‘committed $120 millon’ to get the America’s Cup to the Emirate, but that Bertarelli already paid back $5 million of it out of the Alinghi pocket.  Now this would ordinarily be a non-story except for the fact that Massaad SWORE UNDER OATH in an affidavit to the New York Courts that RAK had already spent $30 million on marine improvements and further, that they’d spent a vast majority of the $120 million that had been committed to the event on infrastructure improvements to Al-Hamra in preparation for what turned out to be a mere mirage under the desert sun.

Massaad may merely be trying to assure a pissed-off public that he wasn’t blowing RAK money on his fantasy sailing league, but we are pretty sure the Courts don’t distinguish perjury made for political reasons and perjury from any other kind.  They’re both felonies, and we’re guessing that BMW/Oracle will make sure the judge knows all about it.

Both Pombo/Chirivella and Massaad have friends in very high places and are certainly not above using their influence to get shit done (see a Massaad example here), but could the "Friends of Alinghi" find themselves behind bars in the near future, and will this ‘ring of fire’ keep growing until it touches the shores of Lake Geneva?