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arabian nights

Despite the high costs and uncertainties we had about coming to the United Arab Emirates, there was zero chance of us missing out on the 2010 Puma International Moth World Championship that is about to start here in Dubai.  We’ve never been to Arabia and had no idea what to expect, but we found it impossible to avoid coming over here to the desert to support our US friends in the fleet, and we found it even harder to keep from bringing the best sailing coverage on the planet to our friends around the world in the Class that Sailing Anarchy has watched blossom since its rebirth a few short years ago.

And thanks to Puma Ocean Racing and to CST Composites – two companies that believe in the way we bring sailing to the world – we’re here to get things started, and we’ll be using the UAE Nationals as a practice run for our entire 5-person crew to work the bugs out in a place that presents its own unique set of problems for the kind of coverage we want to do.  We’ve got the usual suspects here – Mer on the CMOS, Aaron on the blinking lights, and Petey on the big cameras, but we’ve also got pro cameraman Felipe Garcia here to help Petey put together some really stellar HD videos of Worlds, something we wish we’d been able to do from the America’s Cup but couldn’t.  In addition to that, we’ve got a few of our beloved Cocktail Hours planned from the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, and we expect to have live video of all the action, our usual awesome interviews of all the guys and girls we can fit, Mer’s great shots, text commentary and daily written stories, and whatever other crap we think is worth reporting.  We’ll be running them both on YouTube and Justin.TV for those that live in blocked countries, and we welcome your input!

We’ll be posting everything we do in the Puma Moth Worlds Anarchy OTWA Forum Presented by CST Composites right here, and keep your eyes on the Puma Moth Worlds Anarchy Special Report site for all the links and a quick source for our best content.  And check in this weekend for in-depth stories on what sailing – and life – is like here in the Middle East.

In the meantime, check out this video introduction to the venue, some of the players, and one of three Moth Chicks racing here in Dubai – the sweet and skilled Lindsay Bergan, and forgive the crappy editing – my pros aren’t here yet!