Well this just sucks. Arson is suspected and let’s hope they catch ’em.

As you may know, am a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire. We have/had a club team here that has been doing fairly well in NEISA over the past few years. I just received word that someone burned out boathouse to the foundations either last night or early this morning. The boathouse had all 18 of our FJs, 10 Lasers, countless sails, equipment, etc. Without any of this our team ceases to be able to practice, and probably ceases to exist. We need the help of the sailing community to rebuild and recover from this disaster.

Fire was discovered around 4:30 this afternoon.  After talking to the officers on the team it seems that insurance will probably come up pretty short on covering, but we don’t want to go through with anything until after we find out the results of the investigation.  Arson is my first thought, and is the present thought on everyone’s mind, but nothing is official yet and the police still have to weigh in.  

More importantly this boathouse serves as the community sailing center for the local kids so they are out of a place to sail this summer as well.

However, after all is done,we will need to replace 55 boats, motors, foils, spars, sails, equipment, etc, so that’s when we’ll need help sourcing all those things. I know that’s often where this community can be so great. I will keep you updated on our status and you can join the thread I started. – Anarchist celphtaught.