long haul

clean report

long haul

We are somewhere along in our 15-hour flight to Dubai, and I only wish you could see the sheer volume of power cords, firewires, USBs, portable drives, dongles, cards, cameras, lenses, phones, SIM cards, inverters, and a thousand other things that will make our LIVE coverage of the Puma Moth Worlds possible starting this weekend.  We’ve got the full program planned, with live racing action, our infamous Cocktail Hours, pictures, serious HD highlight reels, and the usual fun and games, and judging from the more than 5000 people that attended Puma’s massive opening party, the fun and games should be just fine!

With the proud US Air Force (Bora, Dalton, Lindsay, George, and Funky) sporting their fighter jet battle stars and major challenges expected from the Aussies and Pommies, there’s plenty of drama in store in the warm, moderate breeze off the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.  And with three girls entered in this big event, we’re sure to have the first Sailor Chick of the Week in a while, and learn a thing or two about how accessible the moth is.  The stars are there, the weather is just right, and thanks to Puma, CST Composites, and the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, the whole OTWA team will make it nearly as fun for you as it is for us.

So keep an eye on the front page tomorrow, and get ready for some ultra-high speed desert racing.