lighter, faster


lighter, faster

The latest on the newest Esse…

Schuchter Sportboats of Switzerland, the manufacturers of the Esse boat line which includes the Esse 850 and the Esse 990, are introducing the Esse 990R. This new model builds on the successful hull design by Felci Yacht Design for the Esse 990 daysailer and takes the design to a new, higher level of performance. The Esse 990 is an expression of style, performance and build excellence that one magazine editor called a "Robb Report® centerfold."

The Esse 990R is a lighter and faster version intended for Grand Prix racing. The Esse 990R shares the hull design of the Esse 990 but has the hull, deck, mast, boom and gennaker boom all manufactured in carbon fiber. The weight saved by removing the teak decks and changing from the epoxy/e-glass closed cell foam laminate hull and deck construction of the Esse 990 to a carbon fiber/closed cell foam laminate in the Esse 990R have been moved into the keel bulb for increased stability, righting moment and higher upwind boat speeds. Tons more info here.