knut knows

audio innerview

knut knows

…but he’s not telling!  About the race route, that is. 

The wonders of Skype let Mr. Clean sit down to a virtual Innerview with Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad yesterday for a full fifty minutes of VOR talk.  Find out many of the questions that you asked; How the VOR chooses stopover ports, how important the actual route is, what their big mistakes were the last time around, how the new rules will keep costs down – or will they, what the Italian and French teams mean to the future of the race, how the new digs are in Alicante, where not only the next three VOR’s will start, but where a new VOR museum is now being planned.  And of course a bunch more – it’s fifty friggin’ minutes!

You can download the whole file here, or just listen above.