bring ’em back!

reader rant

bring ’em back!

First off, I am a multihull guy. I like to sail fast and flat. No gimbled cup holders necessary for my
beer. I’ve been racing multis, off and on, for about 30 years. Fast is Fun.

But, the America’s Cup should be sailed in monohulls. I have been watching the AC since the days
of Bill Ficker in Intrepid. I found the tacking duels and the pre-race dance of the leadbelly leaners
much more exciting and entertaining than the one interaction the multis had in two starts this year.
The most exciting highlight of the 33rd AC was BOR swooping in on Alinghi like a raptor on a
rodent soon after the race #1 minute warning. That was the only match racing we got. After that
the two boats stalled, BOR couldn’t get out of irons, and then we had a drag race. Race #2, an
unforced error and more drag racing. Yawn…..

A great AC memory was Dennis Conner purposely using the spectator fleet as a pick to free himself
from a competitor. Watching the 12’s chase each other around the race committee boat and through
the spectator fleet was great entertainment. Tacking duels and jibing duels beat horizon jobs in
drag races for drama. The 12’s were slow, especially downwind, but they provided more tactics and
exciting close quarter dueling than any other AC boats have since.

It is the pre-race dicing and upwind tacking duels and downwind jibing duels that are fun to watch.
Multi’s are faster and more exciting to sail in and watch drag race, but, monos are more fun to
watch in the America’s Cup.

Bring Back the dance of the leadbelly leaners. – Capt. BS.