up and down

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up and down

US Moth Nationals
Kaneohe Bay Yacht Club

The week of sailing started with boat rigging on Monday morning, but all morning there were girls and guys wearing nothing but swim suits walking into the club carrying twelve packs of beer.  The four of us that were there just thought, well they do like to have fun at KBYC, but this was bordering on a party like 4th of July back home.  Matt Pistay (aka Junior) was having a very hard time focusing with the steady stream of bikini clad girls walking by.  The four of us on scene, being just a step above beach bums, had no idea that it was Presidents Day.  About noon we launched, and when we got out of the harbor reality hit that it must have been a holiday.  The sand bar in the north end of Kaneohe Bay looked like there were a 1,000 plus boats on it and they were having a good time. 

The Sand Bar is the place to go for top speed runs so we high tailed it down there to go check out the action.  Matt Pistay and Anthony Boscolo were the first two on scene and did not appear to be to interested in sailing anymore. I arrived late fully perplexed why my green tell tails would always be streaming straight back no matter what I did.  Turns out I had two sets of tell tails on the same side of the sail and the greens ones were as stiff as Pattern Mylar.  It was a new sail but I felt kinda dumb that it took me well over an hour to realize what was going on.  In the mean time I had worked myself into a hole in the reef where there was a couple anchored on their cruiser.  I looked up and noticed they were around 70 years old and both of them were naked, embracing each other on the transom.  I turned around to head back to the yacht club to go fix my tell tales.  Matt and Anthony on the other hand made it all the way down to where the party was and I think they must have been very, very popular with the crowd of beach goers watching them foiling.  I did not see them for a very long time after that.  After the sun went down, we sat on the lawn at KBYC drinking Mai Tai’s watching all the people who had spent all day partying come back slowly, and there was definitely some interesting docking operations on the bulkhead.

The Sailing started for real the following day with a solid three days of 15+ knots and 40-degree shifts out of the north. Clark, from the yacht club, was kind enough to set some marks and Jesse Andrews was kind enough to run some practice races for us.  We all sailed all day and basked in the wonderful weather until our legs could not hack it anymore.  This same scenario was repeated for two more days and we were having a blast.  The practice racing was exciting with the breeze and also very tactical with the massive shifts.  We were all pretty geeked to get another windy KBYC Regatta underneath our belts.

Mother nature had other ideas…the first day we had winds from 5-18 knots with squalls and massive shifts. Tom Pochereva and his RC crew did a great job getting off six races despite the conditions.   The racing was tight and I am pretty sure that no one led a race from wire to wire.  The RC was very mindful of the sailors and were almost apologizing for the extremeness of the conditions. The last race of the day was by far the best with steady breeze and not so radical shifts, right after the last boat had finished the wind turned off so we were back to the lawn at the YC enjoying the gorgeous sunset.

Saturday was much of the same but with even less breeze, I was the first boat out and told Charlie that I doubted there would be any way for someone to foil for a full leg.  The RC, though, once again, did a great job and got off 5 pretty good races. Dalton and I were basically swapping points the whole day with Dalton winning the last race taking one point out of me. 

Sunday was even worse and racing was not possible. We quickly packed up and received the awards from the Commodore of the yacht club who was gracious enough to give us unlimited refills on our trophies for the rest of the afternoon.  We are scheduled for an event next year in April when the locals promised us stronger Trade Winds.  If you have a chance to go hang out at KBYC do it! It is one of the best clubs in the world, or at least I think so.  The US contingent has a week off then we are racing in Dubai to try to hold on to the world championship trophy.  Wish us luck!