best in town

best in town

One thing people in San Diego are learning is that some of the best racing in town is being run by Coronado Yacht Club in the south bay. Any classes looking to host big events really need to look at this venue – good breeze, flat water, no kelp! Coach Jon Rogers gives a little report from
the midwinters run by CYC…

I know that Coronado Yacht Club was stoked to run the regatta this weekend and judging from the forum comments it was a really good event.
Despite a few downpours before and after racing and a few "transition zones" in the center of the race course on Saturday, it was an awesome time blasting around in Flying Tigers and 29er’s. The racers sailed once or twice around windward/leewards completing 8 races in the Tigers and 9 in the 29ers. Wind was 15 knots dropping to 7 on Saturday while Sunday started at 8 and built to a solid 13-16 knots.

Race Committee Chairman Jamie McArthur has pulled together a group, many of whom are Jr Program "graduates", who are excited to watch the growth of these great fleets and help provide great racing to lure new "customers".

Over the last 3 years our club has taken a new approach toward regattas and hosting events. Many sailors and volunteers recognized that South Bay was an underused commodity. Being part of the SCYA "Southern California" Midwinters again is another stepping stone in its efforts to bring more racing to a great venue. After running the 29er Midwinters West last March, Moth PCC’s and then the Sailing Anarchy "World Championship" in September, CorYC is earning a reputation of running lots of races with less hassle and less down time. People are definitely noticing that with good food and entertainment added you have a recipe that has people planning to return every year.

Looking forward to many more Flying Tiger events at Coronado. I think that when they designed the boat they had South Bay in mind. 

We are stoked to be hosting the 29er MidWinters West at the end of March. We’d like to invite a couple sailors, new to 29ers, from the East Coast to this event. We have a boat and place for you to stay. Contact Jon Rogers for more info.