b class blues

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b class blues

Jeff Thorpe, Quantum Frisco, is pushing the TP 52 Flash to Puerto Valarta from San Diego. Here’s his first report from yesterday…

7:30 PST TWD 337 TWS 15 kts BS 14.2 TWA 147 Heading 114

Here we sit rumbling down the line with Cedros islands 90 miles abeam. Well for last night?? We were sitting with Akela & Peligroso off our weather beam. At sunset all of us running MHG’S & GS’s going 2 knots above wind speed heading offshore for the Northwesterly’s with Pendragon to leeward and ahead with Medicine Man to leeward and abeam looking great and surprised with our reaching speed to be able to stay in touch with the longer waterline boats.

After dark we saw the wind sneak forward to a more southerly direction a few times but it kept coming back to the WNW so we were content that we were working offshore enough with our current sail plan…Boy were we wrong! Even though we were working out past our weather routing waypoint to avoid light southerlies, we had large cloud come over us and we lost sight of Pelegroso’s lights the wind glassed off so we ended up beating and slating for 4 to 5 hours Drifting as best we could.

So At morning roll call we find out that both Akela & Peligroso, being a mile to weather of us, was the difference of 30 miles down the track. And our single class competitor Alchemy who was the western most boat of the fleet, smoked us for 12 miles but at least we had 30 miles to the east of them which would allow us to cross them by around 5 miles this afternoon.

So our goal now is to extend out on Alchemy now that we are in the same weather and take some handicap time back from Akela & Peligroso

The weather now looks pretty standard for some baja style racing! We press on racing in a 2 boat class. What’s up with that?? Guess if you buy the awards you need to have the class. I just don’t get what these Race committees are thinking with class spits? We always seems we are in the B-Class no matter what boat we sail…time for sleep

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