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slow go

The Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race of 2009 is turning into the slowest year ever of the world’s slowest offshore race.

I console myself that there are worse ways to cross the Atlantic. At the Southampton Boat Show two years ago, I came across a contender for the record to be the world’s smallest atlantic-crossing vessel. At 3.75ft long, the ‘craft’ looked like a channel marker.

Our total distance travelled will end up being in the region of 2700 nautical miles, so with 841 to go, we are now two thirds of the way across. The race for me continues to be about endurance. I was thinking about the word endurance earlier, how hard-edged and gritty it is. Then I thought of the word ’spa’ and a wonderful sense of relief came over me! I rolled the word ’spa’ around in my mouth. S-P-Ahh. More here. – Lia Ditton