dear bertie

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dear bertie

As you can imagine, we’ve had a bunch of e-mails about the Cup, and here’s one of our favorites. It was obviously meant for Ernie Bertie, but since he hasn’t given us his e-mail addy, we thought we’d just share it with the world.

Hi Bertie,

Great spectacle. Sorry your boat turned out to be such a dog, but it must have been fun for you anyway out there sailing. I saw you even got onto the handlebars. Congratulations. You must be very good. Best in the world actually I guess, according to the selectors anyway. Sorry about the starts, but I thought your excuses were great. Too many boats in the way, too long a wait and then suddenly everything happened too fast…and in the first race I thought that crappy non-sloop thing was sailing way too fast coming into the box. They should have been nice and slow like you and Brad. That pin entry should have been way way further down so they couldn’t get anywhere near you. Bloody cheats. Just as bad as the courts. They just couldn’t see all your perfectly sound arguments, could they? They are not into fair play like you and all us other Europeans. Like I said, sorry about the boat, but I reckon its big enough for you to kick butt in the local races. You must be very proud.

Good Luck.
Claes Gibel

And speaking of Bertie, we see that he is Number 11 with a bullet on this list of the 100 Least Powerful People. It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?